About Us

The Legal Folder was started by Georgiana Vasile, a former lawyer and legal and business advisor with over fifteen years of experience counselling corporations, SMEs and starters in a large array of issues of Commercial and Business Law, both domestically and internationally. Georgiana has taken companies from inception to production, helping owners and investors incorporate, set-up the legal base and strategy for their operations, as well as standing side-by-side with them for the negotiation of deals that helped grow their clientele and expand onto new markets with existing or new ranges of products and services.

“I believe in the power of sharing core competencies to build sustainable, long term and purposeful growth. At The Legal Folder, I value the strength of combined effort, which is why I made it a priority to seek out and build a network of highly skilled and driven legal and business experts, whose skills are complementary to mine. Together we can pool the knowledge and know-how necessary to create innovative frameworks, solutions and strategies for The Legal Folder clients. “

Georgiana Vasile
“I love to harness and channel the passion and innovative ideas of my clients into cohesively structured, far reaching contracts and projects. “