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Get started with us. Business formation

What will it take to awaken the entrepreneur in you? Turn thought into plan and make 2019 the year of your entrepreneurial success story! We are here to help you: formulate your business proposition, choose the company form that best suits your needs, and once you are confident and ready to start executing on your dream, we will set-up and register your company, all in one go! Get to know us and let’s get planning your start together.

Know what you do. Build for the future. Commercial Contracts

We help you negotiate, draft, analyse, improve, strengthen and rethink your company contracts, such as manufacture and distribution of goods, partnership, services and performance agreements, NDAs and T&Cs. They say your company is as strong as its contracts and we couldn’t agree more! So join in our vision and let’s make your contracts work for you.

Bigger, Better, Business TOGETHER. Business development

Linking the internal and external segments of your business is key to ensuring a cohesive long term strategy and consolidate your company’s daily ops, customer experience, quality of service, reputation with third party and innovation capabilities. Identifying, filtering and tackling your company’s business development opportunities can accelerate the growth of your business, by placing the focus on underperforming areas or by exploring the local, social, economical or political contexts where your company’s mission, vision and ethics could strive. We love a good challenge so bring it on and get ready to g(r)o(w).

Constructing deals with a twist. Negotiation

There are as many schools of thought on the topic of negotiation as there are stars in the sky. Experience has taught us that a strong negotiator must excel at creating opportunity, service and value for both your company and your clients, customers and business partners, as a means to a mutually beneficial and long lasting relationship. We love to build multi-faceted projects and to identify synergies and growth avenues beyond the present time and immediate interest. Let us help you negotiate your business deals and represent you in prospecting meetings with other parties by getting in touch today.

Location Nachtwachtlaan 134, 1058EE Amsterdam The Netherlands E-mail info@thelegalfolder.com Hours Consultation hours: Wednesday and Thursday 10:00-16:00 Please email us to book an appointment for a consultation.
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